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    Welcome to the premises of the Plantin and Moretus family

    Walk inside the printing office and house of the Plantin-Moretus family as if you were a friend of theirs visiting 400 years ago.

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Travel back into the past. Step into the house and the print shop.
Enter the world of the influential Plantin and Moretus family. Christophe Plantin spent his life among books. Together with his wife and five daughters, he lived in an imposing property on Vrijdagmarkt. Plantin and Jan Moretus built up an impressive printing business. Today, this is the only museum in the world to be recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage site.
foto: Victoriano Moreno
The museum comes to life with a new audio play on the Antwerp Museum App.
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Why you shouldn't miss the Plantin-Moretus Museum.
A tale of friendship and cooperation
The exhibition reveals publishers' love for their trade, and how they have motivated artists, printers and designers in the past and present to create top-quality products.
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Practical information about opening times, ticket sales, how to get to the Museum and accessibility. You will find that everyone is welcome at the Plantin-Moretus Museum.
Explore the home and business premises of Plantin and the Moretus family on your own, with an audio play, booklet or game. Or take a guided tour.
In our reading room you can consult numerous authentic documents. You will find a precious archive of printed works, manuscripts and drawings.
Museum Plantin-Moretus
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