Daily programme: 'A Golden Age'

In the daily programme A Golden Age in Lead Type, you can combine your visit to the museum with a walk around the city. The walk takes you past places that illustrate the richness of the golden 16th century in Antwerp.


The 16th century is rightly called Antwerp’s ‘Golden Age’. Its witnesses are countless stone stepped gables, guild houses, the Town Hall and other buildings. The walk takes you past some of the finest of these ‘golden’ spots.


In the afternoon, you pay a visit to the authentic residence and printing works of Christophe Plantin. Casting and setting type, printing – it all goes on in the printing works. During a demonstration, an experienced guide shows you printing in action – with your help. Feel free to look and touch!

Practical details

  • €180 (+ €5 adminstration fee) + Museum admission charge
  • Groups of up to 15 people
  • Programme:
    • 10.30 to 12.30: walk around the city
    • 12.30 to 14.00: lunch break
    • 14.00 to 16.00: printing workshop in the Museum
  • Please reserve four weeks in advance with Visit Antwerpen
Museum Plantin-Moretus
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