Twelfth night party with Balthasar, Melchior and Caspar

We celebrate Twelfth Night around the beautiful 18th-century Neapolitan Nativity scene.

Moorish king

The Moretus family asked their friend Peter Paul Rubens to paint the three kings. Only one king is back in his original location: the black king. What's more, he has hung in the grand drawing room between the family portraits since September 2017.
Did you know that every Moretus generation had a Balthasar and a Gaspar? From time to time they even had a Melchior. Due to a twist of fate, the Balthasars were always the most successful.

Stella duce

Balthasar I Moretus, the grandson of Plantin, introduced a Twelfth Night star as the family emblem and Stella Duce (guided by the star). 


Bring your family and put together a crown and star, taste Twelfth Night biscuits and print your own card. Or enjoy some song, dance and sober stories.

Practical information

  • Saturday 6 January 2018 from 1 to 4:30 pm
  • The activities are free; you only have to pay admission to the museum.
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